[Released] Workflow Assignment by Status


Is there a way to tie a workflow status to a person, so that it assigns a task to them when the workflow changes?

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Hi and welcome to the Community, Katy! Thanks a lot for posting your question here. I've moved it to the Product Feedback section so other users can support the idea with their votes :) Would you mind sharing more about your use case and how you would use this functionality if it's implemented?

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Hi Katy, great news 🎉

You can now have an assignee(s) automatically added to a task based on a task's status. Keep in mind, current assignees are not removed and when a task is assigned to someone, they automatically have access to the task.

For more information check out this Help Centre article.

Thanks for your suggestion. We would love to hear your thoughts on it so feel free to post here 🙂

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Having the assignees stay on the project as the project moves through the workflow doesn't help at all. There is no way to filter the projects out of a widget if I just want to see projects that are ready for me to work on.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Ashley, I completely understand wanting to have past assignees removed. Working within the current functionality, you should be able to create a widget which shows tasks assigned to you (even if they're assigned to others as well). If you're added as the assignee when the task is ready for you to work on (either because the task's status changed or because someone manually added you), you'll see it appear in your widget. You can then unassign yourself from a task when you're done working on it, so that it disappears from your widget. I know that's manual, but I wanted to suggest something that could work now. 

That said, I know that's not exactly what you're looking for and we'd love to see this as a Product Feedback request


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