Release Notes-March 8

Feature Updates

  • Comment Reactions in the Workspace
    • Now you can react to comments in Wrike with emojis. Use emoji's to show that you've read something, or indicate how you feel about something.
  • Comments
    • Now, if a comment has five lines or less, you see the full comment. If a comment has more than five lines, then you'll see the "show more" option. Here's to more reading and less clicking. 
  • View Video Upload Limits
    • Account owners, on accounts with Proofing and Approvals, can now see how much space you have left for video uploads for the month. Your video storage tracker automatically resets each month so you can keep track of how many more uploads you can do. Check this information on the Subscription tab in the Account Management section of the Workspace.
  • Request Form Builder Updates
    • We've made a few improvements to the Request Form Builder to make it easier to use:
    1. The "Save" and "Publish" buttons were removed from the right-hand panel, but they are where you need them, at the bottom of the Request form. Added bonus: they're always visible on your form (no need to scroll to the bottom).
    2. You'll see a green "Published" bar for published forms, and a gray "Draft" bar for draft forms. So it's easier to see if a Request form is Published or saved as a Draft. 


  • Comments Added to Tasks 
    • Let's say you started typing a comment in a task and then, without posting your comment, you quickly switch to another task. Sometimes the text you started typing in the first task showed up in the comment field of the second task. This doesn't happen anymore, comments stay where they're supposed to.
  • Subtasks on the Table View
    • Situation: You have a task with a subtask in Folder Awesome. The subtask also lives in Folder Rockstar. You complete the parent task, then you open Folder Awesome in the Table View (with the "All Active" filter applied) and make changes to the subtask. Before: After making the changes, the subtask disappeared from the view. Now: The subtask remains visible (like it's supposed to).
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