Release Notes-August 31

Feature Updates

  • Avatars in Task Activity Streams 
  • Copy an Image's URL
    • To help you share, you can now copy an image's URL by right clicking the image from the preview view. 
  • Inbox
    • Before: the first card in Inbox was highlighted blue and opened by default. This doesn't happen anymore, so you can postpone opening that first notification if you want to. 
  • Collaborators and IP Restrictions
    • Enterprise accounts can restrict login to Wrike to specific IP addresses. Now you can have restricted login, but still allow Collaborators (and only Collaborators) to log in from non-approved IP addresses. 
  • Android App
    • Before, in the Android app, you had to wait for a user to accept their invite to Wrike before assigning a task to them. Now you can stay productive, and assign tasks to users immediately after sending them a Wrike invite. 


  • Grouping in Reports
    • Before: If you created a Report based on one Folder, then grouped the report by parent Folder: multiple Folders may have appeared on your report (even though that's not what you wanted). Now: Things work the way you want them to and only one Folder is visible on the Report.
  • External Request Forms
    • Each task created via an external Request form has a contact information header. Before: that header was displayed twice. Now: We fixed the redundancy and now the header is only displayed once. 
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