Project and Folder sharing and unsharing

 We have our projects set up with a "top level project" and deliverable folders under that project. 

Example: Project ABC 001 with deliverables underneath of "Deliverable 1, Deliverable 2, etc.

If you assume Project ABC is currently shared with a team and a new team member joins and you share that project out to that team member. Other team members who may have put Project ABC in another organization structure loses that structure. 

Let's say I have created a folder called A-D, and all my projects that start with any of those letters are housed under A-D. If I get a new team member and I need to share Project AAA000 with them. Project AAA000 will pop out of the folder A-D for me and any other team member who had previously been shared out to that project. 

Conversely, if a team member leaves, or chooses to unshare themselves, that project pops out of the structure created. 

How can we get projects to stay in an organized structure when sharing or unsharing?

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Hi Jenn! I'd love to give you some tips on this, but I think the best way to go is to take a look at the current Folder hierarchy you have set up. I understand that posting screenshots of your Workspace to a public Community may not be the best way to go about this, so please let me know if you'd prefer to take this over to a Support ticket to send some screenshots or set up a screensharing session, I'll be happy to create a ticket for you. I'll also make sure to update this thread with any tips we can give afterward. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Anastasia - Sorry for the delay in getting back. See the attached for the project/folder structure we use. 

The top level (A-L) is just my own organization for our projects. 

The next level (ABG 001, ABD 010, etc) These are our projects. We have them as projects and not folders because we were told originally to do it that way for reporting purposes. 

the next level, inside the project, are our deliverables.

It's the Project level (ABG 001, etc) is what seems to pop out of our organization when we share the project out to someone or someone unshares. 


Happy to hop on a call or something if need be. Looking forward to any tips you might have.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Jenn, that is so helpful thank you! I love how organized the structure is and yes, Projects are definitely the way to go if you need to run Reports on those items.

In terms of sharing/unsharing items, if you're only sharing or unsharing something with an individual, then that should have no effect on your structure, so I definitely want to make sure we get this sorted out.

  • Share a Folder: Is this how you normally share a Folder/Project? This or @mentioning a person/group are good ways to share. 
  • Tag a Folder: I just want to make sure you're not adding a removing the Folder from where it's at when you're sharing? Or maybe dragging and dropping items within the structure?

If you're following the steps above for sharing let me know and I'll go ahead and create a ticket so that Support can reach out and schedule a time to talk!

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Hi Stephanie,

Sorry for the delay in responding. It's been crazy and I'm just getting back to this. 

We don't share the Project / Folder our individually, instead we share to a group.  

In my example, if I wanted to share ASB 001, I'd right click, select Share. I'd select the group from the list and hit Share. Doing that with a project moves that project out of the format for each person. 


Tag a Folder - We are not moving any folders. 

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Hi Jenn,

I think I understand what you're seeing now, thank you for coming back.

Sharing a Folder/Project shouldn't be changing how this looks in your own Folder tree. However, people you share the Folder with may see things a little differently because they may not have access to same parent Projects/Folders in your structure - but again this shouldn't affect how your Folder tree looks.

I think some further troubleshooting may be needed so I'll go ahead and raise a ticket for you to our Support Team. You'll receive an email confirmation of this soon. If you've any further questions in the meantime, please let me know 🙂

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