๐Ÿงฐ Releases - Updates to Loads of New Stuff (Board View, Sidebar, and Toolbar) and More!

Feature Updates

  • Import, Export, and Print Gantt Chart Options Added to the New Toolbar ๐Ÿ› 
Under the three-dot menu in the new toolbar, we've added an Import button and an Export project to Excel button. They work the same way exports and imports always have and are available on all plans except Free and Team.
This is only relevant to accounts with the new sidebar and toolbar enabled in Wrike Labs ๐Ÿ”ฌand views where the new toolbar is used (New Table, New Board, Calendar, Gantt, List, Files, and Analytics).
In addition, if you're in Gantt Chart view, the three-dot menu in the new toolbar now includes an Export chart to PDF option. When you click it a pop-up appears at the bottom of your workspace which you simply click to download a ready-to-print PDF.
  • Pinned Items In the New Sidebar Get Title Updates Instantly ๐Ÿ“
Until now,ย if the title of a pinned item was changed in another tab, or by another user, you needed to refresh your page before the new title was updated in the new sidebar. We've sped things up ๐ŸŽ so the new title appears immediately, no refresh is required.
The new sidebar is available via Wrike Labs to anyone and is built into all accounts on a Team plan.
Before now, task dates were displayed on cards in New Board view, but weren't clickable. To add or change dates it was necessary to open the task.
Now you can just click the dates displayed on a card to directly open the date picker. If a task doesn't already have dates assigned, a Set date button will appear when hovering over a card.
  • Workflow Editing Added to Subitem Menus โœ๏ธ
When you right-click a subitem in either the Work item view or Task view and choose to change status you'll now see the Edit workflow option. This update is available on the Team plan and higher.
Remember that only users with the right to edit the current workflow (account admins or space admins) will see this option.
We've made several changes to the dialogue box you see when duplicating an item. These bring it more in line with changes we've made to the workspace overall.
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