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The Wrike Team plan is a perfect solution for smaller teams. Accounts on the Team plan can host from 2 to 25 Users and up to 20 Collaborators. With a Team account, you gain more workspace views, and access to additional tools, add-ins, and integrations that help you get your work done.


Due to architectural differences in feature packages, moving to the Team plan from any other subscription (including trials) results in a permanent loss of all account data. We recommend using our Excel Export feature to save a copy of your data before changing your subscription. This will allow you to import the same data back after the transition.


Users on Team plan can take advantage of:

Wrike Views

Wrike Views provide users with the ability to customize, filter, and save view settings to display the right workspaces for you and your team. These views can be customized with filters and shared among users.

Gantt chart

The Gantt Chart is a favorite feature of many Wrike users. Use the Gantt Chart to help you easily visualize your project, reschedule tasks (if necessary), and keep an eye on scheduled milestones. You can even go a step further and use dependencies to schedule tasks in relation to other tasks.

Analytics view

Analytics view provides item-related data in easy-to-digest infographics. Charts are automatically updated with the most recent data every 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about recreating reports or pulling new information.

Calendar view

Calendar view is one of Wrike Views that allows you quickly display your work items on a timeline to keep track of what needs to be worked on and when. With this view, you can decide what needs to be added or rescheduled in your current projects, track the progress of running campaigns and activities, and plan future work on a large scale using the yearly or quarterly overview.

Files view

Use Files view to see all files in a project and items within it (e.g., items and subitems). Easily open, download, and delete files, and sort or filter them to find what you need.


Dashboards are a customizable and dynamic view that allows you to monitor the data that's most important to you. You can build custom dashboard widgets to display tasks and projects that meet specific criteria. For example, set up a custom widget to keep track of all milestones due this week or new tasks created today.

Custom fields and custom workflows

Custom fields are a highly flexible way of adding or tracking information related to items and projects.

Use custom statuses and workflows to keep track of how work is progressing in a way that makes the most sense for your team. With custom statuses, each team can create their own workflows and add the status names (and color coding) that best suits their needs.

Automation Engine

Wrike’s Automation Engine is a simple solution that helps reduce the degree of manual repetitive work, speed up processes, and minimize human error. Instead of handling all the work by yourself, you and your team can employ rule-based automation of various actions with tasks and projects.

Request forms

Use request forms to simplify your intake process, add structure to your request system, ensure that requests are added to the appropriate location, and decrease the chances that requests are lost.


I switched to the Team plan and all my data is lost. Can it be recovered?

Unfortunately, data lost during a switch to the Team plan cannot be recovered from our end.

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