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Connect Tableau Desktop to Wrike

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Tableau is a Business Intelligence solution that lets you analyze and visualize your data. With Tableau connector, you can automatically pull data from your Wrike account to Tableau.You can use this data to build custom reports and merge it with data pulled from other tools and applications.

Connect Tableau Desktop to Wrike

  1. Open the Start page of Tableau Desktop.

  2. Click More in the To a Server section of the Connect panel.

  3. Select Web Data Connector.

  4. Enter the following URL in the pop-up that opens and press Enter:

  5. Click Login to Wrike.

  6. Enter your Wrike credentials and click Sign up. If you're a member of multiple accounts, you'll be asked to select an account to which you want to connect.

  7. Click Accept to grant the Tableau Connector permissions to access Wrike data.

Tableau will start processing your data. Once it’s completed, the data source containing your Wrike data will load and you'll be able to build custom reports and dashboards.

Whitelist Wrike Connector on Tableau Server

If you're using Tableau Server, you need to whitelist Wrike’s Web Data Connector. To do so, you need to import the reference configuration file:

  1. Download the wrike_tableau.json file.

  2. Execute the following command on the Tableau Server: > tsm settings import -f wrike_tableau.json