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Wrike for Adobe XD

Table 112. Availability - Legacy plans


All user types (except collaborators) on all accounts can install Wrike's plugin for Adobe XD.

Wrike for Adobe XD allows you to work with Wrike tasks from Adobe XD and links Adobe file attachments with Wrike tasks. Use the extension to:

  • Access Wrike tasks. In the plugin, you’ll see the same list of tasks that you see in “My to-do” in Wrike.

  • Upload files directly to tasks in Wrike.

  • Keep track of versioning. Once an image is added, you can quickly update it and add a new version of the file to Wrike.

  • Change the task status.

  • Add comments to tasks.


  • Data in the plugin is updated every time you perform some actions from the plugin, but you can also manually refresh the data by clicking the Refresh button.

  • To install the plugin, you need Adobe XD version 21 or higher.

  • Your account security settings must allow logging in using credentials (without 2FA) or allow logging in with a one-time password.

  • For users on Business and Enterprise accounts, some options might be unavailable due to your access role in Wrike.