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HTML Proofing

Table 151. Availability - Legacy plans


All user types (including collaborators) can use HTML Proofing.

Use HTML Proofing to add comments directly to web pages within Wrike and add links to approvals.


HTML Proofing is currently supported only in Google Chrome browser and in the Wrike for Desktop app starting from version 3.3.7.

Open links in Proofing

To open links in Proofing you need to install the Wrike Proof for HTML Chrome extension. You'll be asked to do so when you first open any link from the list of attachments.

  1. Attach a link to a task, folder, or a project.

  2. Open the link in Proofing.

  3. From there click the Install extension button. The installation window opens in a separate tab.

  4. After the installation is finished refresh your Wrike tab. The web page is open in Proofing.

Now you can:

  • Add, view, and reply to comments.

  • Add web links to approvals.

  • Invite guest reviewers to view links within Wrike

  • Preview the page in different resolutions and on different devices (laptop, tablet, mobile browser)

  • Create page snapshots (still images of the page on which you can leave comments)

  • See link metadata.


You can export comments you left for the link in a PDF file. This works the same as with images and documents.

When you leave a comment a snapshot of the viewed part of the page is created. You can always switch to the live version of the page 1 or back to the snapshot 2 within the Proofing window. You cannot access the Snapshot tab until you have left a comment or selected a proofing tool. It's possible to leave multiple comments on one snapshot. To do so stay in the snapshot tab after you posted the first comment and add more comments from there. To create a new snapshot go back to the live preview and leave a new comment.



Each snapshot takes up storage space in Wrike. When you remove the snapshot the storage space is restored.


Can this be disabled for my account?

Account admins can switch off the ability to add links as attachments from the Security tab in Settings.

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