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Managing Bookmarks in Spaces

Table 27. Availability - Legacy plans


Space admins can organize bookmarks in spaces they manage.

Bookmarks are quick access links to the folders, projects, reports, dashboards, external resources, etc. that are most frequently needed to users in a certain space.


By clicking on the space overview in the sidebar, you can find bookmarks added to task and project-based items in the space header.


Bookmarks won't be visible in the space header if you have opened task or project-based items within the space.

Types of bookmarks

The Bookmarks bar can have links to the following items:

  • Tasks

  • Folders and projects

  • Dashboards

  • Reports

  • Request forms

  • External links

Add the first bookmark

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar.

  2. Click Add bookmark 1 under the space's title at the top-left.

  3. A pop-up opens where you can add:

    • (Required) The URL 2 and title 3 of the bookmark.

    • (Optional) The description 4 and location 5 of the bookmark.


      The location field is only displayed if you have at least one bookmark section in the space.

  4. Click Save 6.

Once you add at least one bookmark, you'll see the new Bookmarks tab below the space title. Additionally, the Add bookmark button under the space's title is replaced with the bookmark counter displaying the number of bookmarks in the space.

Add more bookmarks

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Bookmark list 1 under the space's title.

  3. Click the + button 2 in the upper-right corner of the view that opens.

  4. Fill in the bookmark details.

  5. Click Save 3.

Delete a bookmark

  1. Hover over a bookmark.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button 1 in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Select Delete 2.