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Wrike and Tableau Integration

Table 236. Availability - Legacy plans


Tableau is a Business Intelligence solution that lets you analyze and visualize your data. With Tableau connector, you can automatically pull data from your Wrike account to Tableau. You can use this data to build custom reports and merge with data pulled from other tools and applications.

Data that can be pulled to Tableau includes:

  • Projects

  • Folders

  • Tasks

  • Users

  • User groups

  • Timelog entries

  • Workflows

  • Audit log

  • Custom field history

  • Status changes

  • Task effort

The data is stored in tables, which are connected using foreign key identifiers (like in a relational database). Documentation for data schema and tables can be found here.

Important information

  • Wrike Tableau Connector is a web data connector. For more details on web data connectors, refer to Tableau’s help page.

  • Tableau Connector automatically requests new data every time you refresh extracts in the Tableau Desktop or when the automatic refresh is run on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. The time it might take depends on the account size. Note that you can't refresh data more than once per hour.

  • If you need a sample report of what you can build in Tableau, download them from the Tableau card on the Apps and Integrations page in Wrike. The available samples are: Project Portfolio Status Dashboard, Project Status Dashboard, User Activity Dashboard.