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Public Link in Table View

Table 23. Availability - Legacy plans


You can share a current view with colleagues in your organization  or with people outside of your Wrike account using  public links.


Anyone with the link can see this view, but they can't edit or open items to see more details.

Creating Public Link

  1. Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space and switch to Table view 1.

  2. Click on the Public link 2 on the toolbar.

  3. From the pop-up, enable the toggle button 3 next to Table public link, opens a drop-down menu.

  4. From the menu, you can:

    1. View tab 4 to see when and by whom the link is created.

    2. Open in separate tab 5.

    3. Copy the public link to your clipboard 6.

    4. Set the time limit 7 for the link to be accessible:

      1. Click on the caret icon 8 next to date and time.

      2. Select the duration of the link in terms of hours, days, week, month, year or a specific date.

    5. Add a password protection layer 9 to keep the information protected by:

      1. Enabling the toggle button 10 next to the password tab.

      2. Generate a new password or create a new custom type password.

      3. Copy the password by clicking on the icon 11 to enable the shared user to access.

  5. After applied changes, click anywhere outside the menu.


The public link is copied to the clipboard and can be shared with anyone.


  • Public links have a maximum duration of one year, after which sharing will be turned off automatically.

  • Public links reflect the view exactly as the creator sees it. Any changes made to your settings or filters will also be reflected in your public link.

  • Public links aren’t available for classic views. To share this view, you will first need to duplicate the classic view and convert it into a custom view.

  • The Files column cannot be viewed in the Public link.

Control over Public Links

Account owners can disable the option to allow/deny the type of users to create the public link and enable password protection.

  1. Click on your profile picture 1 in the upper-left corner of the workspace.

  2. Select Settings 2 from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the sidebar, select Security 3.

  4. Scroll to the External sharing policy section 4.

  5. Check/Uncheck the box next to the Allow users to create public links/Requires a password for all public links 5.

  6. Click Save changes 6.


Also you can monitor the public links by clicking on the access reports 7 and selecting Public Links 8.


Additionally we can restrict access to the user type to create or edit public links by:

  1. Click on the User types 9 in the settings tab.

  2. Click on the Sharing 10 under the categories.

  3. Enable/Disable the toggle buttons for the user type to edit/create public links 11 .