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Wrike for Office Documents (Office Add-in)

Table 174. Availability - Legacy plans


Regular and external users can use Wrike for Office Documents to create new tasks.

Wrike for Office Documents (Wrike's Office add-in) allows you to create a file in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and directly attach your file to a Wrike task. You can also use the add-in to create tasks, edit which folders a task is in, change a task's status, download files attached to tasks, or set start and due dates.


Once installed, you must manually add the add-in to each compatible app. It doesn't automatically appear on all apps after installation.


Compatible Microsoft applications

Wrike’s Microsoft Office add-in is compatible with:

  • Mac: Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Word 2019

  • Windows: Excel 2019 or later, PowerPoint 2019 or later, Word 2019 or later

  • Online: Excel, PowerPoint, Word

Compatible browsers

  • If you're using the desktop versions of Office programs on Windows: Internet Explorer 11 must be installed on your computer as well.

  • Microsoft Office Online: Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome can be used.

To ensure that the add-in works correctly, we recommend using the latest browser version available.

Please note that the add-in won’t run on Windows if using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.