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Tasks in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


Tasks are one of the main building blocks in Wrike together with folders, projects, and spaces. All users in all account types can view tasks.

Think of tasks as similar to items on a to-do list – they keep track of action items that need to be completed.

To keep things organized, you can add tasks to folders, projects, and spaces. In addition to being a way to keep track of work that needs to be done, tasks have powerful attributes that help you get your work done:

  • Collaborate with your teammates using the live editor 1.

  • Communicate with your teammates through comments 2..

  • Assign tasks to team members to create a sense of ownership 3.

  • View project progress 4 as your team members mark tasks complete.

  • Add start and end dates, and switch to the Gantt chart to plan a project's schedule or see project progress.

  • Add attachments 5 to have everything in one place.

  • Start approvals 6 to make the decision-making process even more transparent.

Use tasks when you need to:

  • Plan all the necessary steps to complete a project.

  • Visualize individual steps on a Gantt chart.

  • Store detailed information about processes, how-tos, or notes.

Do More with Tasks Using Templates


Is there any limit for task duration?

Yes, task duration in Wrike cannot exceed 1095 day limit, going beyond that makes tasks virtually unmanageable. If you need to handle long-term activities, please consider creating projects instead.