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Projects in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can view projects in Wrike, and all users except collaborators can create and edit projects.

Projects are one of the main ways to organize, manage, and report on work within Wrike. Use projects to manage a group of tasks that are part of a larger goal.

Projects enable you to track the status and due dates separately from your tasks while adding information directly to the project itself: project owner, start date, end dates, custom fields, plus any attachments or conversations that the project team will want to access.

When to use projects

Use projects when you need to:

  • Report on project information using Wrike Reports. Project reports help you get a high-level overview of how things are progressing.

  • Add start or finish dates to the project itself rather than just to individual tasks.

  • Run a key initiative of which you want to track the status.

  • Automatically track the progress of a group of tasks or subprojects.

  • View and manage related tasks on the Gantt chart.