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@Mentions in Wrike

Table 21. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can use @mentions in comments unless their access role restricts leaving comments.

Use the @mentioning feature to draw a teammate’s attention to a specific comment.


When you @mention a user you choose them via the assignee picker. The assignee picker works by by taking user relationships, work history and the context of the work item into consideration, if you don't immediately see the relevant assignee you can still search for them.



When you @mention someone on a task, folder, or project, you automatically share that item with them (if it wasn't already shared with them before).

Who you can @mention

  1. If you're a regular user, you can @mention any user or user group on any task, folder, or project as long as that user is already part of the same account.

  2. If you're an external user or collaborator, you can only @mention users or user groups who are already shared on the task, folder, or project.

  3. Any user can also use specific @mentions for groups of people who follow the task or are assigned to it.

  4. Any user can also mention themselves. Note that mentioning yourself doesn't trigger any notifications.

  5. Within Locked spaces users can only @mention teammates who are also members of the Locked space.

How @mentions work

When you @mention a colleague:

  • A notification immediately appears in their Inbox.

  • An email notification may be triggered (this depends on the user’s notification settings).


    Email notifications related to @mentions are sent six to 10 minutes after a comment is made.

  • When you @mention a user on a task, Wrike will share it with the user and add them as a task follower automatically.

  • On the other hand, @mentioning a user on a folder or project shares it with them, but they don't start following it by default.

  • When you @mention a user group in a task that group does not start following the task automatically.


@Mentioning can't be done via email. However, if someone @mentions you and you reply via email, then your response is posted as a comment in Wrike and the person who @mentioned you is automatically @mentioned in your comment.