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Templates in Wrike

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except for collaborators can create folder, project, or task templates.


If you're on the Business subscription or above, you can use Blueprints to manage your templates and plan your work.

Instead of repeatedly setting up similar tasks, folders, or projects, create templates and then use those templates to quickly get started on your next project.

You can create items that can be duplicated to quickly launch new tasks, folders, or projects, and store them all in one place for improved organization.


There's a limit of 4000 items created from blueprints and/or duplicated per every 7 days. Every time you create an item from a blueprint or duplicate an item, Wrike checks if the limit has been reached in the previous 7 days. If the limit is reached, you won't be able to create new items from blueprints or via duplication. You can try again in the following days, e.g., if you created 4000 items on a Tuesday, you can create more items only next Tuesday.

Use templates

Create a folder in the relevant space named Templates and make sure that all users who might need to duplicate items from it have access.

Within this folder, you can create template tasks, projects, or folders. These can be duplicated at any time and the copies move to wherever you need them within your Wrike workspace.