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Using Workspace Search in Wrike

Table 289. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can use the workspace search.

Use the search box in Wrike’s workspace to quickly find relevant work. From one place, you can search for tasks, folders, projects, spaces, comments in tasks, request forms, reports, files, or other members of your account. Results are grouped by category to make it easier to see what something is, and you can use search commands to look for tasks, folders, or projects based on specific criteria.


Searching by account members isn't available to external users and collaborators.

Use search

To search for tasks, folders, projects, spaces, comments in tasks, request forms, reports, files, and users among all items you have access to:

  1. Click the search box 1 in the workspace’s upper-right corner.

  2. Type an item’s or a person’s name, use keywords to search, or use the ID number.

  3. Select the item you’re looking for from the list when it appears.

  4. If you don't see the item that you're looking for on the list, click Show more 2.

  5. To see the full list of tasks that match the search criteria, click the Search button 3 or press Enter on your keyboard after entering the search keyword.


    Click Back in the full list of the search results to go back to the view that was open before you used the search.

Wrike searches everywhere by default. If you start the search while you're in a folder, project, or space, you can use the tabs under the search field 4 to show results from only the current folder/project or space.


Recent tasks shows the 10 tasks you’ve most recently opened. To see your most recently viewed tasks: click in the search box in the Workspace's upper right-hand corner.

To see more tasks, click More recent tasks. You'll see tasks listed based on when you last viewed them, with most recent at the top.

Tips & tricks

  • In the list that appears when you enter a search term, right-click an item in the drop-down to copy a hyperlink to it or open it in a separate tab.

    This won't work for files. However, you can hold CTRL on Windows or CMD on Mac and click the file to open it in a new tab.

  • You can also click your mouse's scroll wheel to open an item in a separate tab.

    When you use your mouse's scroll wheel to click an attachment, Wrike downloads it to your computer instead of opening in a new tab.

  • Click a file (from search results) to open it. For locally stored files, the name of the task, folder, or project where the item is attached is listed at the top of the window.