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Sharing Analytics Boards


You can easily share the analytics board you've created with your teammates as well as with people outside of your Wrike account.


When you share an analytics board with colleagues, they'll only see data from the spaces/folders/projects/tasks that are shared with them. Hence, the data on the board can look different for different users.

Share a board

  1. Navigate to Reports and open the board that you want to share with your colleagues.

  2. Click the Share button in the upper right-hand corner of the workspace.

  3. Select a user or a user group from the list.

  4. Optional: Select an access role for the user or group with whom you're sharing the board.

  5. Click Save.

The user, with whom you shared the analytics board, will see a notification in their Inbox.


If you want to share the analytics board with non-Wrike users you can export it as a PDF file or image. Additionally, you can export separate widgets as images and CSV files.

Share a public link


When you share a public link to a dashboard or widget it is shared as a static image. To see the updated data you have to reopen the link or refresh the page if you have it open.

  1. Navigate to Reports and open the board that you want to share with your colleagues.

  2. Hover over the widget you would like to share with people outside of your Wrike account.

  3. Click the three-dot menu icon that appears.

  4. Select Create public link.

  5. In the panel that appears to the right you can:

    1. choose to share the whole dashboard by switching the toggle button

    2. choose to share only the selected widget

  6. To share the link to a specific widget locate the name of the widget on the panel and click the Copy link icon.

  7. To share the link to the whole dashboard click the Copy link icon under Dashboards in the right-hand panel.

The link is copied and you can share it with both people in your account and outside of your team.


Sharing a public link with an unauthorized party may expose confidential information.


Why is the option 'Public Link' missing in our account?

The option to share boards via public links can be restricted by admins in the Security section of the account management.