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Viewing Timesheets of Other Users


All users, except for external users and collaborators, can view other users’ timesheets.

You can review other users' timesheets to check which tasks they worked on this week and how much time they spent on them. If you have the right to edit other users' time entries, you can also adjust other users' timesheets.


On other users' timesheets, you can’t see tasks that aren’t shared with you.

View other users' timesheets

  1. Go to your home page and click Timesheets in the left panel. Alternatively, click the Launchpad and select Timesheets there. By default, you’ll see your own timesheets.

  2. Click the Me drop-down menu in the upper-left corner. 1

  3. Select the name of the user whose timesheets you want to view. 2 Or, if you don’t see the user in the opened list, start typing their name.

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