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Wrike for Professional Services Performance


This is a legacy package and it was available to users who signed up before 7/1/2021. To learn more about all available plans click here.


The Wrike for Professional Services (WfPS) Performance package is available for accounts with the basic WfPS package.

WfPS Performance includes all the features of the basic WfPS package along with two add-ons: Wrike Analyze and Wrike Integrate.

Wrike Analyze

Wrike Analyze is a fully customizable solution that allows you to create analytical dashboards based on data from your Wrike account. You can use any of the pre-built analytics templates or build a custom analytics board to focus on your industry-specific metrics. Get a bird’s-eye view of your running projects, analyze your completed work, and easily share the interactive summary with stakeholders.

Wrike Analyze for WfPS Performance provides a pre-built team utilization dashboard template.

You can review the overall resource utilization in your team, compare planned and actual time spent on tasks, and measure billable and non-billable utilization. Use that knowledge to effectively reallocate effort among your team members and focus on revenue-generating activities.

Wrike Integrate

Wrike Integrate is a no-coding tool created to help you seamlessly integrate your Wrike account with more than 400 apps, solutions, and platforms. With this add-on, you can streamline your work processes and automate your company workflows by eliminating manual input for recurring tasks and projects. Use Wrike’s extensive app directory to set up an integration or create a custom one.

As a part of the WfPS Performance package, Wrike Integrate contains pre-built integration recipes for some of the most popular financial systems and CRM platforms out there: QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Salesforce. Use these quick integrations to free up more resources within your company by automating handover between sales, delivery, and billing:

  • Once the opportunity is marked as “won” in your CRM, the project is automatically kicked off in Wrike and your financial system.

  • When the billing period is finished in Wrike, the data is synchronized with the financial system, and you can quickly generate invoices based on this data.

  • Plan project margins by calculating costs and gross margins based on effort and rate.