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Deleting User Groups and Subgroups

Table 73. Availability - Legacy plans


User group admins can delete subgroups within the user groups that they manage. Account admins can delete any user group or subgroup. On Enterprise accounts, account admins' right to delete user groups can be revoked.

If necessary, you can delete user groups and subgroups that you no longer need.


To delete a user group, you need to remove all subgroups from it.

How to delete user groups and subgroups

  1. Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the workspace

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu

  3. Click Users 1 in the left panel to open a list of all users and groups in the account

  4. In the Groups list on the left, click the user group you want to delete 2

  5. Click the three-dot menu button to the right of the group's title at the top 3

  6. Click Delete 4

  7. If there are tasks, folders, and projects shared with that group, you will see a pop-up asking you to transfer sharing of these items to another user or user group

  8. Enter the name of the user or user group you wish to transfer sharing of resources 5 to and click Delete 6 to confirm your decision

  9. If nothing is shared with the group, you can proceed by clicking Delete to confirm your decision


Once you complete these steps, your group will be deleted and cannot be restored. All items shared with that group will be shared with the selected user or user group.