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@Mention Individual Users and Groups of Users

Table 23. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can use @mentions in comments unless their access role restricts leaving comments.


When you @mention a user you choose them via the assignee picker. The assignee picker works by by taking user relationships, work history and the context of the work item into consideration, if you don't immediately see the relevant assignee you can still search for them.

@Mention teammates individually

  1. Open a task 1 or the info panel of the folder or project where you want to @mention someone.

  2. Click the comments section and type the @ symbol followed by the name of the user whom you'd like to mention. 2

  3. Select the name of that user from the list that appears. 3


    If the person has a planned vacation or days off, you'll see Unavailable written next to their name on the list.

  4. Add additional text to your comment.

  5. Click the Send button 4 or use your preferred keyboard shortcut.

    • If the task, folder, or project isn't shared with the person you're @mentioning, you'll see the Share & Send button instead of Send. By clicking this button, you share the item with the @mentioned user. You can reverse your actions by clicking the Undo button in the pop-up that appears at the top of the workspace.

    • If you @mention a user who's unavailable, you'll see a pop-up showing their vacation or non-working dates.


You can also add a comment by going to Stream and then clicking the Add a comment section of the task where you want to @mention someone.

@Mention groups of users


In addition to mentioning your teammates individually, you can @mention:

  1. All task, folder, or project followers: Type the @ symbol 1 and select @followers. 2

  2. All assignees of a task: Type the @ symbol and select @assignees. 3

  3. User groups: Type the group's name after the @ symbol and then select the group from the list.


    User groups are available on accounts with Business and higher subscriptions.

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