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Working Offline in Wrike for Android

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When working offline, you can access data for folders, projects, calendars, and reports stored on your phone. This means that you can access items that you've opened during your current session (since you last logged in).

You'll also be able to open tasks (but not task description fields) that live in those folders and projects, even if you didn’t open a particular task.

What you can do while offline

Once offline you'll be able to work with cached data and make changes as you normally would. When you connect to the internet again, your changes are synced.

While offline you can:

  • Create tasks, folders, and projects.

  • Edit existing tasks in folders and projects you opened while online.

  • Edit descriptions of tasks you opened while online.

  • Submit requests.

  • Reorder tasks in folders and projects that you’ve opened while online to change their priority (sort tasks by priority to do it).

All changes are synced when you connect to the internet.

Review changes you made while offline

When you're working offline, once you make at least one change in a task, folder, or project, you'll see this message at the top of the view: "Task/folder/project has X change(s) waiting for sync." This message will appear in the Task view and project or folder info panels of each item where you make changes while offline.

To review all changes that you made:

  1. Leave the Task view or the project/folder info panel.

  2. Wait until you see the pop-up "X changes waiting for sync" above the bottom navigation panel.

  3. Tap the pop-up.

The Pending changes view will open. It contains the list of tasks, folders, and projects that you made changes to while working offline. You can tap an item in the list to view your changes in its Stream. You can also tap the Remove button on a task, folder, or project in the list to cancel all changes you made before they're synced.


When you only make changes in the description field of a task, folder, or project, you won't see the message at the top of the Task view or the project/folder info panel, and you won't be able to open the Pending changes view. But the changes that you make will still be synced when your internet connection is restored.