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Filtering Tasks

Table 303. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (including collaborators) on all account types can use filters.

You can filter tasks at the folder, project, or space level.

When you filter tasks, you filter all tasks in the selected folder, project, or space that are shared with you.

Filter tasks

  1. Navigate to the space, folder, or project within which you want to filter tasks.

  2. Click the name of your current filter preset next to the filter icon 1.

  3. A drop-down appears with the default presets: All tasks, All active tasks, and My active tasks 2. Select a preset or click Add more filters... 3.

  4. Use the filters panel that appears on the right. Expand the fields you want to filter by and check the categories you want to view 4.

  5. (Optional) Once you've selected filters, click Save preset 5 at the top of the filter panel and name your filter preset. It now appears in the drop-down when you select filters.