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Creating Custom Analytics Boards


You can create multiple analytics boards with needed data. Analytics boards are created based on data from selected folders, projects, and spaces.


For the best performance, it's recommended to have no more than eight widgets per board.

Create a new custom board

To create a new custom board:

  1. Go to Reports (click the launchpad icon and select Reports there or click Reports on the Home page).

  2. Click the Custom analytics board button.

  3. Select folder(s), project(s), or space(s) from where data will be included in your analytics board.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Next, add widgets to your board, by clicking the +Select data button.

  6. Select the data that you would like to be shown on your widget (e.g., project owner or project start date). The field that you select is automatically displayed in a suggested widget.

  7. Next, select the type of widget you want it to be (e.g., Pie Chart, Table, etc). The data that you select is automatically displayed in the suggested view. When numeric data is selected, it's displayed as an Indicator widget. Descriptive data is displayed as a Pivot widget. You can click each visualization button to display the selected fields in that visualization/chart.

  8. You can add more data if needed from the above panel. To do so click the +Add more data button.

  9. You can use formulas while creating custom widgets. To open the Formula Editor click the fx button while selecting the data for your widget.

  10. Additionally, you can apply filters or go to the advanced settings to configure the widget.

  11. Click Create to add this widget to the new analytics board.

  12. After it’s done you can add more widgets to the analytics board or change the board’s title.

  13. Click Save to create the custom board.

You can add a title to your widget now or after the creation of your widget. To do so double-click the Add Title area written above the widget, enter a name for the widget, and press Enter on your keyboard.