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Installing and Uninstalling Wrike for Adobe XD Plugin

Table 108. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (except collaborators) can install the Wrike for Adobe XD plugin. To install the plugin, you need Adobe XD version 21 or higher.

Install the plugin

  1. Launch Adobe XD and log in to your account.

  2. Click on Plugins.

  3. Search for Wrike in the list of plugins.

  4. Once you’ve found the Wrike card, click Install.

The plugin is installed. When you open it for the first time you’ll be asked to log in to your Wrike account.

Uninstall the plugin

  1. Click Plugins.

  2. Select Manage plugins from the list.

  3. Find Wrike in the list of plugins and click the three-dot menu button.

  4. Click Uninstall.


You can also disable the plugin instead of uninstalling it completely. This way you’ll be able to start working in it again whenever you need to.