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Enabling and Editing Task Effort on Workload Charts


All users, except for collaborators, can manage effort on Workload charts that they have access to, unless it's restricted by their access role.

Enable and edit effort from the Workload chart

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Click the task effort of which you want to change. If the task doesn't have effort enabled, click the three-dot menu button on the task preview 1 and then click Enable effort.

  3. In the tooltip that appears, you can:

    • Enter how much time a task should take. 2

    • Change the effort type. 3

  4. If you selected the Flexible effort type, you’ll see how many hours you've allocated along with the total effort in the Effort field. To specify the number of hours applicable to each working day:

    • Click the cell that appears on the task bar. 4

    • Enter the number of hours the assignee should spend on the task for this particular day.

    • Repeat these steps for each day and task assignee until the allocated hours and total effort are equal.