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Managing Permission to Create Spaces

Table 37. Availability - Legacy plans


Account owners and admins can manage space creation settings.

By default only account owners and admins have the permission to create new spaces of all types. But you can grant the right to create new spaces to regular users and to set which types of spaces regular users are allowed to create.


You can restrict some account admins from creating certain types of spaces by editing their admin permissions.

Set which types of spaces regular users are allowed to create

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper right-hand corner. 1

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Click Security in the left panel. 2

  4. Scroll to the Create Spaces section. 3

  5. Check or uncheck the boxes next to the relevant space types: Public, Private, or Locked*. 4 Note that if you allow regular users to create locked spaces, they can only add members to a locked space while creating it. After the space is created, they won't be able to manage the space members list.

  6. Click Save changes. 5

Now all regular users are allowed to create new spaces with the types you specified on Step 5.


*Locked spaces are available on Enterprise Pinnacle accounts.