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Tasks in Table View

Table 11. Availability - Legacy plans



This page describes the Table view which is available to all users (including collaborators) on accounts created before March 8, 2023. On accounts created after that date, New Table view is available instead.

From Table view you can:

Change task status

To choose a status from the current workflow:

Alternatively right-click a task and select Change Status.

  1. Double-click the Status column in the task's row (you may need to enable it first).

  2. Select a different status from the list.

To choose a status from a different workflow (custom workflows are available on Business and Enterprise accounts):

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Select Mark as. 1

  3. Hover over Change Workflow. 2

  4. Hover over a workflow that you want to choose a status from. 3

  5. Click the appropriate status.


Delete a task

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Click Delete. 1

The selected task is moved to the Recycle bin.


You can undo this action by clicking the Undo icon on the panel above the table.

Copy task permalink

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Select Copy Permalink. 2

The task's permalink is copied to your clipboard.