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Dragging and Dropping Items in Table View

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans



This page describes the Table view which is available to all users (including collaborators) on accounts created before March 8, 2023. On accounts created after that date, New Table view is available instead.

You can drag and drop a task, folder, or project to move it to a different folder/project or convert a task into a subtask.

Change an item's location

  1. Click and hold a task, folder, or project's row number on the left side of the view.

  2. Drag the item:

    1. Over the title of a task, folder, or project into which you want to move it.

    2. Or, if a task, folder, or project's task list is expanded, anywhere in the list. You'll see a blue line and border around the title of the task, folder, or project, where it'll be moved.

  3. Release your mouse.

The item is moved to a new location and its position in the table depends on the applied sorting option.


To drag and drop a range of tasks at once, click the first task in a range, press and hold Shift on your keyboard, and click the last task in the range. Note that these tasks must be on the same level (so you can't have a task from a folder and a task from its subfolder in the same selection).