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Changing Access Roles

Table 77. Availability - Legacy plans


Access roles (Full, Editor, Limited, or Read Only) can be assigned when a project, folder, or space is shared in Enterprise accounts. These roles can be changed for users or user groups.


Access roles cannot be applied to users in relation to tasks, meaning that you can't select a specific access role for a user when sharing a task with them. They will have the same access role to the task as they have to the parent folder or project.

Change a user's or group's access role

Regular users with the right to Set folder permissions on a folder or project can change other users’ access roles. Space admins can change access roles within spaces.

  1. Right-click a folder or project from the folder tree and select Share from the drop-down 1. Alternatively...

  2. Open a folder or project info panel and click the sharing icon, or open the settings panel of a space 2.

  3. Locate a user or group whose role you want to change and click the current access role to the right of their name.

  4. Select the access role you would like to apply to the user or group 3.

  5. Click Save 4.


When you assign an access role to a group:

  • You can grant a member or members of the group a permission level higher than that of the rest of the group. For example, if a user group has limited access to a folder, you can upgrade one user group member to full access.

  • You can't grant a member or members of the user group a permission level lower than that of the rest of the group. For example, if a user group has full access to a project, you can’t downgrade one user group member to Editor or Limited.