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Available Formatting in Comments

Table 9. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can format their comments.

When you start typing your comment, a Formatting button Comments-Fomatting_Button.png appears under the comment field with all available formatting options.

Formatting options will appear over the text that you highlight.

Text formatting options

To apply formatting to the text, select it, and then click one or more of the formatting options from the menu. To clear formatting, select the text and click the applied formatting option(s) again.

Formatting Option

What It Does

Keyboard Shortcut


Bolds text

Ctrl+B (⌘+B)


Italicizes text

Ctrl+I (⌘+I)


Adds a strikethrough to text

Shift+Ctrl+X (⇧+⌘+X)


Formats one line of text as code

Shift+Ctrl+C (⇧+⌘+C)


Displays preformatted text using a fixed-width font, preserving all spaces and line breaks

Shift+Alt+Ctrl+C (⇧+⌘+⌥+C)


Opens a window for adding a link

Ctrl+K (⌘+K)


Turns selected text into a bulleted list

Shift+Ctrl+8 (⇧+⌘+8)


Turns selected text into a numbered list

Shift+Ctrl+7 (⇧+⌘+7)

Add text as a quote

  1. Navigate to the relevant task, folder, or project.

  2. Open Task View or the Folder or Project Info panels. This option is also available for tasks and projects in Item View.

  3. Highlight the text you'd like to quote (the text can be from another comment or from the description field) 1.

  4. Click the quotation marks icon Comments-Quotation_Icon.png that appears to the left of the selected text 2.

  5. The selected text is automatically inserted into a new comment. If you're already typing a comment, the quote is added to the end of it 3.

  6. Finish typing your comment and click Send or use your preferred keyboard shortcut to post your comment 4.


If you're quoting text from another comment, then above it you'll see the name of the user who posted the comment along with the date and time it was posted.