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Images in the Description Field

Table 261. Availability - Legacy plans


There are two ways to add images to the description field: via the Insert Image icon and simple copying/pasting.

Add images to the description field

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or task where you want to edit the description.

  2. Put your cursor in the description field and click the Insert Image 1 icon on the tool panel.

  3. Click the Choose images 2 button in the window that appears to select an image from your computer, or click the Attachments 3 tab to select one of the images attached to the current task, folder, or project.

  4. Click Insert. 4


A thumbnail of the image is added to the description field. If the image was uploaded from the computer, it’s added as an attachment to the task, folder, or project. Hover over the thumbnail and click the three-dot menu 1 to open, expand, or delete the image.



One more way to add an image to the description field is by dragging and dropping it from your computer to Wrike. Select an image, drag it to the description field, and release your mouse.

Also, you can add images from the description of other items in your Wrike account, or from outside of Wrike, simply by copying and pasting them into the description field. This way, a thumbnail of the image is added to the description field and the same image is added as an attachment.


Note that when you delete an image from the description field it stays in attachments. If you want it gone completely you have to delete it separately.