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Restoring Deleted Folders

Table 31. Availability - Legacy plans


Items in the Recycle bin can be accessed and restored by any user who had access to it before it was deleted.

Deleted folders are moved to the Recycle bin. If they're still needed, they can be restored and returned to their original location before deletion.

Restore a folder


Folders are restored from the Recycle bin, which can be done in two ways:

  1. Open the Recycle bin and then open the search bar.

  2. Once you enter a search term, you’ll have the option to search only In Recycle bin 1.

From the sidebar

  1. Recycle_bin_location_new.png

    Click on your profile picture and select Recycle bin 1 from the drop down.

  2. Restore_right_click_new.png

    Right-click the folder’s name and select Restore 1.

From the Item view

  1. Open the Recycle bin and click the folder you wish to restore.

  2. Restore_itemview_new.png

    On the top-right corner inside the item view of the selected folder, click Restore 1.