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Starring Tasks

Table 17. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (including collaborators) on all account types can star tasks.

Starring tasks makes them easier to access in the future. When you star tasks, they appear in Starred tasks smart folder.


Starred items work on a person-by-person basis, which means everyone can select which items they want to favorite.

Star tasks

You can star a task from the Item view:

  1. Open the relevant Task 1 in Item view.

  2. Click the Three-dot menu 2 option located in the upper right-hand corner.

The star icon turns blue and the task appears in Starred tasks smart folder. Click the star again if you want to remove the task from the starred section.

The same option is available in Item View:

  1. Open the relevant task in Item View.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button in its upper-right corner.

  3. Select Star 3.

  4. To remove the task from the starred section, repeat the steps above and select Unstar 4 in the three-dot menu.

Where to find starred tasks

All the tasks you starred can be found in the Starred tasks 2 smart folder inside the More 1 option in the sidebar.