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European Data Center

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Wrike's European data center (EU DC) lets you securely store your data. You can request that your account be moved to the EU DC if

  1. Your team is based in Europe.
  2. You are not able to use the US DC.

Important Information

  • Currently you cannot create an account directly on the EU DC. An account can be created and then moved to the EU DC.
  • Certain integrations and features are not available on the EU DC. For a full list of what is not supported, please reach out to your Account Manager or Account Executive (our Support team can help if you don’t know who that is).

Migrate an Account to Wrike's EU Data Center

Account owners on paid subscriptions can request to have their accounts moved to the EU DC.

Before You Start the Process

  • Make sure that members of your account do not have a second Wrike account which is on the US data center. Migrating the account is not possible if there are associated accounts on the US data center.
  • Remember, once you move your account to the EU DC, that account cannot be moved back to the US DC.

Start the Process

To move your account to the EU data center, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you’re not sure who your account manager is, submit a request to our Support team, we can let you know who it is.


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