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Board View in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


All users on all account types can use Board view.

Board view allows you to view all the tasks and task-based custom items in a project, folder, or space in a simple layout, which reflects their status. Tasks and task-based custom items are represented by cards listed under the relevant status.

Within the Board view, you can:

The Board view consists of columns representing different statuses in the current workflow. In each column, there are cards representing tasks and task-based custom items.

Each card is displayed under the relevant status and displays:

  1. Task or task-based item name 1.

  2. Assignee(s) 2.

  3. Subtasks and subitems (which can be clicked and expanded) 3.

  4. Due date 4.

Clicking on a card opens the relevant task or task-based item in Item View which allows you to adjust all its details, add descriptions and comments, share items with teammates, and add approvals and files.


You can choose if you want to view tasks and task-based items which are in subfolders and subprojects of the space, folder, or project you are viewing. Click the three-dot menu in the Board view's upper-right corner and select Tasks from subfolders.


Hide or Show Subtasks

You have the option to expand or collapse the list of subtasks within a task while in Board view. Simply click on the "Hide" or "Show subitems" button located just below the profile image of the task's assignee within the corresponding column of the board view.


Available actions for the Subtask

For the Subtasks, you can do the following actions:

By right-clicking on the subtask, you can:

  • Open the subtask in a separate tab 1.

  • Copy the permalink of a subtask 2.

  • Delete the subtask 3.

  • Update the status of the subtask 4.

  • Modify the importance level of the subtask 5.

  • Add a Subtask 1.

  • Add an Assignee 2 to the subtask.

  • Change the Start date and Due date 3.

  • Open the Subtask in Item view.

  • View tasks from descendant subfolders and subprojects. Click the three-dot menu button 1 in the Board view's upper-right corner and select Tasks from subfolders 2.

  • Collapse or expand a column. Hover over the column title and click the collapse icon 3. Click the title of a collapsed column to expand it.


Grouping Tasks by Assignee

The "Grouping Tasks by Assignee” feature allows tasks to be organized based on the individual they are assigned to. This feature brings efficiency and clarity, especially in team projects where multiple tasks are assigned to different team members. To enable this feature

  1. Open the relevant space, project or a folder in the Board view.

  2. Click the Group 1 icon from the view header.

  3. Select the Assignee 2 option from the drop down menu that appears.

  4. Select the Collapse all groups 3 option if you want to collapse groups.

  5. Select the Collapse empty groups 4 option if you want to collapse empty groups.

  6. Select the Expand all groups 5 option if you want to expand groups.


Now you can view tasks based on who they are assigned to.