Inherited Custom Field Values

This maybe a request fairly specific to my company's user case and would likely only come after custom field calculations are released.

It would be beneficial to be able to specify that a task's, project's or subtask's custom field value could be inherited from it's parent location (tasks/project).

Specifically if some users are only shared into a task and not the parent folder/project then it might be beneficial to have the same values in custom fields (if these were used to inform the assignee regarding the task). However having to duplicate changes throughout all the tasks in a project (if a change occurs) would potentially be quite a substantial job.

I hope that made some degree of sense, thank you for taking the time to read this,



P.s. see similar post (currently investigating by Wrike):

Thanks Beat Z'graggen

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Beeing able to inherit custom fields would help a lot indeed!


E.g. if I have a folder for a customer having a custom field

ABC-Status = A

I would like to inherit the content of the custom field to all folders and tasks so that e.g. in every view we can see tasks coming from an A-client.


E.g. if I have a folder for each customer with the

customer number

I would like to inherit the customer number to subfolders and tasks so that e.g. when I export something or list something I can see the customer number next to Wrike folder or taks.


This would help in many such cases.


From what I see it would be enough to define for the content of a custom field to be inherited by folders below. This custom field would not need to be changed in folders/task below so it would show the value coming from the level above but could not be changed. This should make the implementation of this feature easier than if the content of this field can be changed on each level but main thing would be to get something like this however it works...

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I already suggested this 1 1/2 years ago so maybe these votes can be attributed there.

I added my comment to the old post too as it got more votes so far.

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My account managers often ask if fields can automatically populate through all of the tasks if the field is established at project level, and regardless of how many times I explain to them that Wrike does not have this set up as a feature, they continue to pester me, expressing their frustration for having to manually input this information in two different places in our templates. I understand their frustration, and so I'm writing to you, Wrike, for support with this!  Is this an issue that can be addressed, please!?!?

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This would be very useful

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Hi definitely need to inherit custom field values. I have projects where some custom fields only need to be filled in at the project level, not for every tasks. However, there are tasks in other projects that tag into a project that need to inherit that custom field value.


Project A has a custom date field for the First Night of a performance, but it only needs to be be input at the Project level.

Projects A-Z relate to a whole set of tasks in Project 1. So Project 1, task 1, relates to Project A; Project 1 task 2 relates to Project B; Project 1 task 3 relates to Project C; and so on).

So what I want is, for example, Project 1 task A to inherit the custom date field value for First Night from Project A when it is tagged across.

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If you have access to Wrike Integrate (paid add-on), it's possible to automatically copy the value from a project-level custom field (i.e., Client) to all new tasks created within that project.

I posted an example community recipe at, with a fuller explanation in the Best Practices section at

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Recommend you all upvote this which is the same feature request: Current in investigation so it'd be good to show support if you haven't.

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We inject custom field values on project level when creating projects. One of those injected custom field values is the product's SAP WBS number. We need to have the SAP WBS in place in every task in the project, in order to create monthly timelog reports which include the task name, the reporter, the number of hours and the WBS number. The Finance department converts the hours to euros and adds them as internal costs to the SAP product with the WBS number as key. However, Wrike doesn't have a custom field property that would make it possible to have the field's value automatically propagated to each task in the project. We did build a custom integration that handles the inheritance of the WBS custom field also for tasks added later to the project, but we would really like to have this as a standard feature in Wrike, and thus reduce complexity in our custom-built automations. 

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Hi Tuomo Suominen, thank you for sharing your use case and feedback here, I've passed it on to our team👍🏼

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