Administrator unable to delete tasks

We've changed access rights from a regular user to Administrator. They're still unable to delete a task though, even though they created it in the first place. They also have shared access to the folder it's sat under. Any suggestions please? :)

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Bonnie Hutchins

Here are a couple things you can check:

  • What are the access roles in your organization? This is in the settings tab under account management for any user that is an admin. 
  • One of the items in here is "Delete Tasks/Subtasks and Detach Subtasks". If this isn't checked for that person's user type, they won't be able to delete anything. 
  • Next is to check what role that user has in the space itself. They could be an admin, but not set up as one in that space. Find this in "Space Settings"--> General --> Members

Hope this helps!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you Devree, yes that has helped! We can now delete the tasks!😁


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