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    Stephanie Westbrook

    Hi Joe! There's no way to mass duplicate tasks, Jörn was looking for that functionality too though. If you want to +1 his request that will let our team know that you're interested in that functionality as well. 

    As a workaround, something that might help if you're doing this for a lot of tasks is to:

    1. Tag all the tasks you need to duplicate in a new Folder. You can do this with mass editing and can name the Folder something like "Duplicate".
    2. Then right click on the Folder from the Folder tree and duplicate the Folder with all tasks. 


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    Kelly Hagen

    Hi all,

    I have a workaround for this since it seems they aren't going to add this obviously necessary and SUPER BASIC feature.

    Create Project "TASKS TEMPLATE"

    Duplicate Project "TASKS TEMPLATE" and rename it "TASKS TEMPLATE 2"

    Select all Tasks in TASKS TEMPLATE 2

    A menu should come up on the right (or it may require a right-click after multiple task selection).  Anyhow, see screenshot for this one.

    Choose MOVE TO and then choose the Project you want these tasks moved to.

    Delete TASKS TEMPLATE 2 (and keep original TASKS TEMPLATE for future use)

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    Matthew Aubrey

    Thanks Kelly!  Your procedure worked for me.  I also agreed that copying/pasting multiple tasks the Gantt chart interface is a basic function for scheduling, especially if you have multiple spins of the same activities. 

    Wrike associates, Please consider this another +1 to add this functionality.    

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