Recycle Bin - At Scale

Similar to my post - Using Custom Fields at Scale... (I know, there is a scaling theme here :) )

How is your business managing your recycle bin? As an admin, I would love to check in every week and just empty it... But I have seen accidental deletion happen... so I am going through items one by one to ensure they were deleted for a reason. 

To add some context, we are ramping up our fulfillment in Wrike. As new users begin to interact with the system, opportunities for this type of error begin to grow. We try to head them off with robust training and permissions restricting the ability to delete, but it still happens. 

Do others see this issue? How do you manage it?



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Hi Michael,

I'm glad you bring this up and look forward to seeing what others are doing.  Even with our relatively small team here, I've seen this happen and do the same thing as item by item.  There's gotta be a better way!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I have added some product feedback. Up-vote and we can change it 😃😃😃


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