Using Custom Fields at Scale

As our business ramps up and expands the usage of Wrike, the use of custom fields has come in to question a number of times. What strategies do your businesses use to govern the use and exposure of custom fields to maintain order over several users?

We have employed a governance procedure, whereby we talk about why new fields are added and aligning their additions with best practices. I.E. do you really need a new field? Or is there already one out there, can you use cross-tagging, ect. 

With all of the freedom Wrike allows, it sometimes comes with a maintenance cost :) 

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Hey Michael, great question!

I'm interested in other peoples input here. For now, one thing that can help is Access Roles. This allows you to set permission levels for certain users and these permissions can disable to ability to create Custom Fields. These are broadly split between Editor, Full and Limited access.

Also, as your account is Enterprise, you also have the ability to Customize this access by the below:

  • Change task statuses.
  • Edit task descriptions.
  • Edit task names.
  • Edit task Custom Fields.

You can activate this in Labs and read more about customizing permissions here.


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