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We have a need to assign tasks to a person selected/entered in a person field with in a request form. For example: "Who is your supervisor?" This field would then populate the Assignee in the task once submitted. Is this possible?

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Hi Jen,

Yes, you can add task assignees to your form choices - 

Create a dropdown question and fill in your people, then hover over on the right and click the little arrow branch that appears and select "Add assignee".

Then you can search users in your workspace and select the right person.

Hope that helps!

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I need to be able to assign to any Wrike user, so it is not a pre-populated response. 

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I echo Jen's feedback. I would like to have a drop down box to assign existing users to a project via request form. For instance, our engineers do not have specific project types that route to them. My management team would like to dynamically assign projects from the Request Form. As the Admin, it is annoying to have to manually update the pre-populated form for every new hire just to make this possible. Bonus points if you can make the back end able to select users from Groups.

In related requests (which I will make separately as well), it would be helpful to do a bulk "Find and replace" on all tasks created from a Project Template via a request form. Coupled with the Add Person field suggested by Jen to "Select engineer", I could then reassign all tasks in the project tagged Engineering to that particular engineer. It would save a lot of time setting up each new project.

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I have wanted this as well. I spend a lot of time creating assignee dropdown lists in multiple forms. An assignee dropdown list for engineering, software engineering, etc. (about a dozen different teams). Those lists often have to be updated to keep up with personnel changes etc. so they get out of date.

Forms don't let you copy a question from one page to another or between forms, so work has to be duplicated a lot. I've wondered why there just can't be a dropdown that could map to the Admin tool for users and groups. If I have a group in the admin tool for engineering then the dropdown would only show users in that group to select. Then as the admin keeps the user list and group lists up to date, all the form assignee dropdown lists will stay current.

Would be super helpful!☺️

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Hi Ryan! Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Currently this feature is not available in Wrike Request Form. I would suggest creating a post making this suggestion in the Product Feedback forum. Our Product team will provide a status to the Product Feedback post once it reaches 60 upvotes

I'd like to mention this update too - it's not exactly related to the suggestion you made, but it is a Request Form enhancement, and you might find some benefit from it.

If you have any questions, let me know! 😄


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