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Complex, fast changing organisations like ours demand approaches and tools that allow us to work openly and collaboratively. That means being able to have a window into what we're doing, which isn't just a snapshot in time (as is currently offered in Timeline view) but a live, always up to date (albeit filtered, if we choose) window into what we're doing.

Otherwise our clients/ partners we're sharing this with are going to quickly find themselves with out of date information about what we're doing and where we're at.

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Hi Luke, thanks for your insight and for your request here about having a real-time dynamic report that can be shared once with a person outside Wrike. I think the below may work as solutions for you for now.
Firstly, adding clients as Collaborators. You can add unlimited amount of free Collaborators to your account and remove them from the account too. They will have access to see what's shared with them and that way they can see a live version of the Timeline anytime. Here's a full list of their rights.
Another option, though more manual, is to set up a Report Snapshot and share it weekly with the person you would to like to see it, outside the Wrike account. You can visit the Report and get an update Snapshot and email it to someone outside the business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Let me know if you think either of those will help 👍

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