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I'm trying to have files and images approved but it's not allowing me to. I've read Approvals and followed the steps mentioned, when holding down control it does not give me the option to "Add to Review" any help would be appreciated

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disregard, I found that it's an addon

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Stephanie Westbrook

Hey Dan,

Glad you got this figured out! Let me know if you want to test out the Approvals feature, we can setup a trail for you. I also wanted to suggest a few workarounds that might help with the approval process.

1: Add checkboxes in a task's description field. Add the asssets that need to be approved to a task (or add each asset to its own task). Then in the description field, add the name of each person who needs to approve the asset. Add checkboxes (located in the toolbar above the description field) next to each of their names and have them check the box when/if they approve the asset. If they don't approve something, they can leave a comment on the task stating what they want changed.

2: Use Folders as tags. Create a Folder for each person who needs to approve assets. For example, Dan Approval, Tom Approval, Melanie Approval. Add assets to tasks and then tag the task in the Folder of each person who needs to approve something. Each person can check their respective Folder to see if there is something pending their approval and you can @mention approvers to let them know you want them to look at something. If someone is okay with an asset, they can remove the task from their approval Folder. 

3: Use @mentions to track approvals. Add the assets that need to be approved to a task and then @mention all the users whose approval you need. Have the approvers add comments stating that they do or do not approve of the asset.

Those are a few different options, let me know if any of those work out for your team! 


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