Release Notes-October 4, 2017

Feature Updates

  • Subtask and Parent Task Alignment
    • Subtask and parent task dates are more in tune. Each task/subtask still has its own independent dates, but in some situations, Wrike asks if you want to line things back up. 
  • Slack Integration Out of Labs
    • Our Slack integration is out of Labs and ready for everyone to use. One improvement, you'll see more options now when you create tasks from Slack
  • Dependencies on the New Timeline
    • Create dependencies right on the timeline portion of the New Timeline (don't forget to enable it from Labs first).  


  • Overdue Filter + Yesterday's Tasks
    • For certain time zones the overdue filter didn't show tasks whose due date was yesterday. This obviously wasn't right, it works now. 
  • Permalinks in Task Descriptions 
    • When you paste a permalink in Wrike, the link should convert so that you see the name of the Task/Folder/Project you're linking to (instead of a url string). Sometimes that wasn't happening so we fixed it. 
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Love the Subtask and parent task dates also can we add time of all subtasks to parent tasks

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