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I am writing to address a usability concern regarding table views feature, which has been brought to our attention by several users. Currently, users have expressed frustration with the dynamic nature of field sequences within table views, often resulting in unintended changes and the inadvertent hiding of certain fields. Consequently, users are required to repeatedly readjust the fields to their desired sequence, causing disruptions to their workflow.

To address this issue, Column Freeze feature is required. This feature would enable users to lock the sequence of fields in a predetermined order, ensuring consistency and predictability in their interactions with the platform. By providing users with the ability to maintain their preferred field layout, we aim to streamline workflow processes and alleviate the frustrations associated with frequent adjustments. To this end, the feature should grant public access to the table view, while restricting the ability to set field sequences solely to administrators. This ensures that the desired sequence is maintained uniformly across the user base.


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SV - A path use on this is private views, our process is as followers

1. The space admin creates a master view that serves the business

2. The User then clicks on the that view tab and left clicks on "Duplicate"

3. In the dialog that comes up, they name it something that means something to them and selects "Personal", then clicks "Create"

4. They then rearrange, hide, and include columns to meet their specific needs,as every users needs a different subset of data presented a different way

5. They then right click on the new view tab and click "Make Default View"

I did upvote your idea, because a lockable view for business reviews would be nice


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Ped Watt & SV -  I agree with the benefits of having a default view that is defined by the manager or admin of the team / project.  The present system of every user being able to change the default view is not working for us as : 
1. most users do not follow the process listed by Ped Watt  - they simply change around the default view to suit their need of the moment - including adding / deleting certain custom field columns.  We usually end up with a lot of unnecessary Custom Fields showing up in the default view.

2. SV -'s point about consistency and predictability of views across multiple projects [to eb defined by the admin]  would be nice and make the whole Wrike experience so much easier.  

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MW - I agree, it took a fair bit of training to get our teams to move to personal views and to leave the main view as a report out view. I present it here as current and potential work around while we wait on Wrike to decide to launch this idea or not. We also use a fair amount of reports specialized to each teams particular needs to keep them from the working in the main overview, thus reducing the odds they will mess up the view. 


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Hi folks, thanks for bringing this up! I'll share your feedback with the team now. In the meanwhile, I wanted to note that it's possible to freeze columns in the Table view, maybe that could help? 

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