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We are currently creating new projects by importing an Excel template. Ideally we would like to automatically set the status of newly imported projects to a status of a designated custom workflow. The same holds for the tasks within that project (we have separate project and task workflows). However, at the moment every new project/task is assigned the default workflow, even though we have changed the default project/task workflows of the folder and space in which the project is imported to our designated project/task workflows. I would like to know if this is possible and if this would be a space/folder setting or a change in our Excel template.

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Hi Yannick Sassen, thank you for posting on the Community Forum. To add custom statuses via Excel, please make sure there are a "Workflow" column to the left of the "Status" column and a "Custom Status" column to the right of the "Status" column in your Excel file. Please make sure the title of the workflow and status in the imported file matches those in your workspace. If the custom status or workflow can't be found upon import, then a status from the default workflow will be applied. Data in "Workflow" and "Status" is case-sensitive. For more information on formatting please refer to this Help Center page.

It is also possible to define the default workflows of tasks and subprojects using separate columns as shown below:

I hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions😌

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