Dashboards for Open Approvals

Create a dashboard for 1) Open Task Approvals and 2) Open Project Approvals to stay on top of approvals needing your attention. This is helpful for all team members to set up a well. These dashboards can be set up to include tasks or projects from all spaces to allow for one, quick and convenient location for you to access any open approvals.

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Hi Amber, approvals are important, and monitoring them is very important! No one wants the processes to be stuck, right?

I would like to take your suggestions one step further. You can utilize the 'files' widget to monitor files pending approval. If you use 'guest reviews', another 'files' widget can be for guest reviews. Visually they are more distinctive and I find them more user-friendly for visual people.

Have a good one!

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I didnt realise you could have a files view for approvals so this is great just from looking through the forum!


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